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About us

We dreamed of creating nourishment for body and soul with closeness to nature - and since five years ago we have been living our dream and running Bondasgården - Soul and Foodhär in Torgås in Västerdalarna.

At Bondasgården Soul and Food, you can live and eat in a genuine valley environment just a stone's throw from the power of the Västerdal River and the tranquility of Sälenfjällen. We are a family-owned company that produces good food, personal service and genuine meetings between people.

Our vision to provide our guests with nourishment for body and soul permeates everything we do and are, whether it is about the food we serve in the restaurant or the services we offer at the Soul, but above all it permeates the meeting we have with each individual guest U.S. Our goal is that EVERYONE who has been with us should leave here a little stronger, a little lighter and a little happier than when they arrived. We want to create a family environment where our guests can feel at home regardless of whether they stay for a week or come in for a massage.

We also have a goal for our business to support and work for the local and natural. That's why we cook our food from scratch with ingredients that are primarily locally produced and/or organic. This is also why we offer Medical Aromatherapy and Herbal Therapy. We think that if we humans, with the help of nature, strengthen and support our immune system, then we do not need to resort to medicines to the same extent to suppress our diseases. The body is basically made to heal itself and when we boost our own immune system, we become both healthier and stronger.

We are by no means experts, but we have learned a lot in recent years and we want to pass this knowledge on to others who may share our vision and goal of living in better harmony with nature and staying naturally healthy as possible it works. 

“May all guests who enter, leave as friends”

Maria and Fredrik

Maria och Fredrik
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